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Rummy is one of the most popular card games played by millions of people around the world with passion. We retain the same passion while developing the Rummy game and incorporate cool animations, eye-catching game graphics, and an overwhelming soundtrack to keep the players hooked till the end of the game.

Our Rummy game development team keeps themselves engaged with the client to gain the flair knowledge of the client requirement. Afterward, come up with striking Rummy game development services that are beyond our expectations. Since the Rummy game involves financial transactions, we incorporated highly secure payment gateways that offer flawless transaction facilities to the Rummy game users.

What is a Rummy Game?

Rummy is an ancient card game that uses two decks of cards, one of which has two Jokers. To win the game of Rummy, an individual must pick and discard cards from the two piles given to him. On one pile, players are unable to see which card they are drawing, whereas, on the other, cards discarded by players are laid out like an open deck. A Rummy card game requires the players to group their cards in a valid sequence or set in order to win.

Now, the digitalization of the ancient Rummy game can also be played for money. People can bet their skill of Rummy game and make huge cash out of their skills.

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Rummy Game Development Services

Demerio strives to bring the best-in-class Rummy game development services to the global clientele. Here is a quick walk around the range of services we deliver.

2D & 3D Rummy Game

We hold expertise in the development of both 2D Rummy game and 3D Rummy game that features rich visual experiences which lead players to spend endless hours without.

Rummy Game for Android

Our team of Android Rummy game developers is updated with the latest technology trends in Android game development to keep our clients at the top of their game.

Rummy Game for iOS

While developing the Rummy game for iOS, we focused on functionality, gameplay, and design that will help you succeed in the competitive industry.

Desktop Rummy Game

Looking for desktop Rummy game development services? We got you covered. Our developers have developed the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Browser-Based Rummy Game

We make use of technologies such as HTML5 to develop high-performanceṣ browser-specific games that provide thrilling gaming experiences.

Cross-Platform Rummy Game

Confused between Android and iOS? Pick our cross-platform Rummy game development and make your game live on both operating systems.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration with the Rummy game makes it possible for the players to invite their social media friends to enjoy the game with them in real-time.

Live Dealer Rummy Game

Develop a game where players can play the game with real-human beings instead of AI-based computer bots to enhance your gaming experience. ṣ

Rummy Game Development With AI Opponents

Build the Rummy with the strongest AI opponent who thinks just like a human and is capable of even defeating the human that too in offline mode.

Crypto Rummy Game

Crypto-based Rummy games blend the thrill of the online casino games with the unmatched security of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. ṣ

Our Customized Rummy Game Development Solutions

In addition to the enthralling Rummy game development services, we also offer customized Rummy game development solutions to the global clientele. These solutions are the results of our constant efforts to bring highly entertaining real money Rummy game apps to users worldwide.

We test the Rummy game solutions multiple times before deployment to assure that these solutions cover all the essential modules it requires to compile the game efficiently on a variety of platforms.

Whitelabel Rummy Game Solutions

Besides having a great user experience, our ready-to-deploy, customizable, and continually updated Whitelabel solutions have a lot of features.

Turnkey Rummy Game Solutions

You'll find our turnkey rummy game development solutions fully functional and adhering to all your customized requirements.

Bitcoin Rummy Game Solutions

Our Rummy game solutions are built on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to enable Rummy game players to make payments using Bitcoin.

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Impeccable Features We Offer With Our Rummy Game Development

Our Rummy games offer a variety of features. Let's explore.

Hire Rummy Game App Developers

Here at Demerio, we have a team of seasoned Rummy game developers who hold years of experience in Rummy game application development. Our developers carefully analyze the needs of the client and later provide the client with a customized solution that meets their business goals. We offer two engagement models through which you can hire our developers - fixed, and hourly. Depending on your need you can hire rummy game app developers that match perfectly with your vision of development and bugger too.

Let our highly experienced Rummy game developers build your online gaming empire.

Different Rummy Game Variants We Serve

In no way do we limit the creative potential of our clients, hence we offer them different types of Rummy game variants as illustrated below.

Points Rummy

A popular 13-card variant of Rummy where players compete for points. A specific value is assigned to every card that comes into use while playing; it ranges between 10 paise to 10 rupees.

The objective of the players in the game is to make the right set of sequences and sets. In the event that the first valid declaration is made by the player who wins with zero points, the player will receive the cash based on the opponent's total points.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is another card game in which each player receives 13 cards. In this game, players attempt to lead other players to reach close to 101 or 201. To win the game players can form the correct sequence to attempt the zero point total, and then declare..

A player is eliminated from the game when they reach the maximum number of points on the table, e.g. 101 Points Pool or 201 Points Pool.

201 Rummy

This version of the game involves 13 cards being dealt to each player. As the game’s name reveals, the player's objective in the game is to make other players reach a total of 201.

Form the correct sequence with 13 cards and get to zero points before declaring. If other players reach the limit of 201, you will be declared the winner.

Raise Rummy

Raise Rummy follows a format very similar to Points Rummy with the only exception being that points are increased at regular intervals. In this version of the game, the primary objective is to score points, and the points result in monetary rewards.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is basically a 13-card Rummy game played with a fixed number of cards handed out to every player. Depending on the scores of the round, the winning player receives chips from the losing one. Deal rummy is a game in which the player with the highest chip count wins.

Paplu Rummy

Besides a few minor differences from the original rummy, Indian Cherokee Rummy, or Paplu, is a popular card game in India. This game can be described as a cross between Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. As players draw and discard cards, they wait until one player has melded all their cards into valid sets that satisfy the Rummy validation rules.

Why Should You Partner With Demerio For Rummy Game Development?

Our company is one of the renowned Rummy game development companies, known for developing Rummy games with the best quality and latest technology. We at Demerio always go above and beyond to surpass the client's expectations. Our talented pool of Rummy game developers we deploy with the next-gen Rummy game development solutions at the most affordable cost.

  • RNG+ technology certification
  • User-friendly, smooth, and scalable Rummy games
  • Rummy anti-fraud system
  • 24*7 customer support

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