Custom Game Development

In its role as a custom game development company, Demerio strives to create games with attractive graphics that can keep players engaged for hours. Our clients demand nothing more than an engaging, quality experience, which is why we leave no stone unturned in order to deliver that to them.

With our custom game development services, we work with a range of technologies to create games that generate excitement among mobile gamers. As part of our game development process, we brainstorm with our clients and find out what their needs are. Afterward, we analyze and evaluate their input to determine the best development plan for turning their vision into an app that will work on millions of devices, be it Android or iOS.

The custom game solutions are tested multiple times before being deployed to guarantee that the complete application is built to meet all the client's requirements.

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We Specialize In The Following Game Development Services

As a leading game development company, we can provide you with a full range of game development services
from conception to completion. Enthrall with us and make your gaming dream a reality.

Mobile Game App Development

We have a passionate team of game designers and developers who specialize in developing both iOS and Android-based mobile games. Using a variety of technologies and game development tools, we develop cross-platform mobile game apps that deliver immersive user experiences.


PC Game Development

Demerio offers fun and exhilarating PC and desktop gaming experiences. No matter if it's Windows, Mac, or Linux, we can develop any type of game software that makes you stand out from your competitors.


Game Website Development

We design and develop responsive game websites that enable players to enjoy an engaging experience no matter what screen they use.


Game Web App Development

Game designers and developers in our company are capable of creating immersive and engaging web applications for games using cutting-edge technologies and monetization solutions.


Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Game Development

Besides our knowledge and skills in most of the tools used in AR & VR games development, such as ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, we also have the experience to develop AR & VR games to suit a multitude of platforms.


Video Game Development

We provide engaging and user-friendly video game development services. With Demerio you can expect high-quality video games with excellent graphics and immersive gameplay.


HTML5 Game Development

As a full-service HTML5 game development company, we have deep expertise in HTML5 technology and have created HTML5 games from all genres.


Harness the Power of Our Mobile Game Development Expertise

We pursue excellence in the development of game applications on the following platforms.

Android Game App Development

As part of our Android game app development services, our skilled developers use an array of programming languages including Kotlin, Java, C, C++, HTML, and CSS alongside Android SDK in order to produce high-performing Android game apps.

iOS Game App Development

Being a reputed iOS game app development company, we have created different types of iOS games for different genres including both 2D and 3D games.

Unreal Engine Game Development

We harness the power of Unreal Engine to create interactive, deceptively strategic, and extremely addictive games. In applying our developer's expertise, we design products that take into account the client's vision and the players' preferences.

Unity Game App Development

Demerio is the most renowned Unity game development company that transforms your vision into game development solutions that can be played on millions of devices. In addition to cross-platform compatibility, high-resolution graphics, and cutting-edge technology, our Unity game development services offer the best of both worlds.

AR/VR Game App Development

Engage your audience with the increasingly popular AR/VR game app development services that work across multiple platforms and increase your reach.

Cross-Platform Game App Development

One game, multiple platforms, this is what we do to increase the reach of our clients. Our dedicated team of game developers is proficient in developing cross-platform game applications.

2D/3D Game App Development

Our game development team has hands-on experience in developing 2D/3D game applications that will run at optimized performance on a wide range of players’ devices.

Hire Mobile Game Developers

In order to succeed in the mobile game industry, hiring mobile game developers is essential. Here at Demerio, we have a team of passionate video game developers who work with sheer motivation to translate your game development idea into feasible products.

We have identified the best candidate from the game development industry who can deploy unique and engaging game solutions that answer the requirements of the organization.

As our developers brainstorm the game development idea with our clients, we devise the gameplay and create high-quality graphics with a powerful backend. Depending on the requirements of the clients, we have developed several games that are compatible with the Android and iOS OS.

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We specialize in Such Game Development Services

As a professional game development company, we aim to offer a full-suite of game development services. Our services include not only development but also maintenance & support to ensure that your project runs smoothly even after it is completed.

Here are some game development services that can help you flourish your business and maximize your ROI.

  • Game UX/UI design services
  • Game animation
  • AR game development
  • VR game development
  • Mobile and tablet game development
  • 2D & 3D gaming solutions
  • Social gaming
  • Fantasy sports game development
  • Enterprise game development
  • HTML5 game development
  • Cocos2D game development
  • Esports game development
  • Sports game development
  • Fantasy game development
  • Game marketing
  • Game testing

The Things That Make Us Stand Out

Demerio is continually striving to be the best in the game development industry. We will briefly describe what makes us stand out from the competition below.

Animations With a Compelling Visual Appeal

Our talented team of video game designers goes a long way to creating memorable graphics blended with visually appealing graphics to keep the players hooked till the end of the gaming session.

Excellent User Interface

In addition to being user-friendly and engaging, all of our games offer a great deal of replay value for gamers. We put our best efforts into ensuring a seamless and long-lasting user experience on both Android and iOS devices.

Compatible With Web, Gaming Consoles, and Virtual Reality Devices

Our game development services are meant to be compatible on multiple devices including the web, a variety of gaming consoles, and even the latest technological innovation virtual reality devices.

Well Defined Game Rules

As much as possible, we spent time ensuring the learning curve was as smooth as possible for us. Our well-defined game rules make it easy for gamers to learn how to play the game.

Multiplayer Game Mode

We feature the multiplayer game mode to allow gamers to play the game with real-world players.

Support, Maintenance, and Game Optimization

At Demerio, we never leave our clients to chance. We let them seek the assistance of our support team whenever they require it.

Different Genres of Games We Serve

We are a leading mobile game app development company in the USA or across the world. An experienced team of game designers and developers has created a wide range of different genres of games for us. Whether you need Android game development solutions or iOS game development solutions, let us know your game development genre and we will make it a reality.

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    Fantasy Games


    Fantasy Games

    Step into the arena of fantasy sports game development and witness the huge opportunities of making a million-dollar. Android, iOS, and gaming consoles are all compatible with our fantasy sports games.

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    Casino Game


    Casino Game

    At our game development agency, we offer a full suite of casino game development services to clients worldwide. Whether you want to develop a Baccarat game, Blackjack game, Craps, Roulette, Poker, or any other casino game you can count on our engaging casino game development solutions.

  • img

    Educational Game


    Educational Game

    We can gamify any education topic or subject to take the learning experience to a new level through our expertise in game development.

  • img

    Board Game


    Board Game

    Be it Ludo, Rummy, Teen Patti, or any other board game, we deliver high-quality board gaming solutions. In all of our board game development services, we satisfy our clients by focusing on their needs and allowing the user to experiment with the unhinged form of gaming experience.

  • img

    Action Game


    Action Game

    With the perfect blend of technology and expertise, we managed to serve our clients with incredible action game development services catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

  • img

    Racing Game


    Racing Game

    You may have heard the phrase "racing thrills but kills"? But not in the virtual world. Reach out to us so that you can have highly engaging racing game development services deployed to your players.

Would You Like to See How We Make Powerful and Engaging Games For You?

The Demerio team follows a well-established game development process. Let's take a look at the certain steps we follow in bringing your game development idea to life.

  • Idea Generation and Sprint Planning
  • Selecting the Game Engine
  • Choosing a Game Development Engine
  • VR game development
  • Creating Game Graphic Assets
  • Game Designing
  • Game Development
  • Quality Analysis/ Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance
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What Makes Demerio Your Trusted Partner For All Your Game Development Needs?

Our talented team of game designers and developers has gained worldwide acceptance because of their swift time response and patience. Here at Demerio, we walk a mile extra with the client to ensure that our game development services match up with the budget and timeline. If you are seeking the right game development team for your game development project, then Demerio is the one-stop solution for you.

Agile and Scrum Game Development Process

We agile & scrum game development process with the intent of providing ease to our clients. As opposed to developing the entire game at once, we have broken the process down into short iterations.

End-to-End Game Development Process

Demerio offers the end-to-end game development process ranging from brainstorming to game designing & development to post-release maintenance and support.

Assured Quality

As video game developers, we strive to develop solutions that are cross-platform compatible, offer high-quality graphics, and integrate a powerful backend to deliver flawless performance.

Transparency and Communication at Their Best

Throughout the game development process, we employ a set of proven methods and tools to offer our clients the highest level of transparency and communication.


We develop engaging mobile game applications for leading platforms including Android and iOS. We also offer cross-platform game app development services.
A few of the most popular tools and technologies used to develop games are Unity, Unreal Engine 4, OpenGLES, Swift, C++, Construct 2, and Godot.
To ensure our game application always complies with our client's intent, we perform rigorous testing before deployment.
The cost of game development depends on a variety of factors such as game development project complexities, the number of game development platforms, and the location of the game developers. Contact our sales team to get an estimate of your game development project.

Different Phases of Software Development


Detailed Research

Software design





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