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Are you looking for a highly experienced Ludo mobile game app development team? Our well-versed team can develop multiplayer Ludo game applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS. Whether you want to build a Ludo game with high-quality graphics, interactive design, or a powerful backend, we will serve you with nothing less than the best.

We developed an incredibly fun Ludo game that's the perfect blend of exploration and exploitation. The striking gameplay environment will never let your players taste the feeling of boredom and keep the players hooked till the end of the gaming session.

Apart from developing world-class Ludo game development solutions, we have also applied highly effective monetization strategies to your game to maximize the revenue of your business.

What is the Ludo Game?

Ludo is one of the most favored strategy-based board games mostly played in countries like India. It is largely an automatic game, which is played by two to four players. This game involves rolling a single die to see if the players' tokens will reach the finish line in time. It is a must for players to roll their dice according to the value rolled on the dice. Once the players have the dice to play, they move the dice forward according to the number rolled out on the dice. The player whose dice manage to reach the finish point before others are declared to be the winner.

The online version of the Ludo game gained momentum and can be played on a variety of devices including Android, iOS, desktop, and so on. The Ludo game can be played both online and offline. Hence, it offers great freedom to the players to explore the thrill of the Ludo game offline or online depending on their choice.

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Ludo Game Development Services

Demerio goes above and beyond to deliver online Ludo game development services that aim to tailor the specific requirements of our global clientele in a professional manner. Our highly qualified development team will surely cherish the childhood days. All our mobile Ludo game development services are the result of our extensive knowledge and access to the latest technologies.

Let’s scroll down to take a quick walkaround of our Ludo game development services.

Offline Ludo Game

There are some times when finding a reliable internet connection seems like a challenging task. At such times, offline Ludo games can serve as a great channel of entertainment. We develop multiplayer offline Ludo games where 4 to 6 players can experience the thrill of Ludo games in offline mode.

Android Ludo Game

Android is one of the biggest operating systems in terms of users hence developing an Android Ludo game application will widen your audience reach and the chances of being successful. Our Android Ludo game developers test the application across the different versions of OS to ensure the smooth performance of the application.

iOS Ludo Game

Our iOS game development services are the result of our deep understanding of the iOS operating system. We spend enough time with the client to understand their requirements and later come up with iOS Ludo game solutions that perfectly match the client’s requirements and budget constraints.

Ludo Game UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is the very first thing your audience is going to notice about your Ludo game. Thus it requires the utmost attention. Our Ludo game UI/UX designer works with the sole motivation of fueling the life into the design of the Ludo game and working on every aspect of the design to make it user-friendly.

Ludo Game Software

Ludo games can also be played on a computer or laptop with the same thrill of playing them on mobile devices. Ludo game software we develop comes with an engaging user-friendly design and powerful backend to ensure the flawless performance of the game app for both Windows and macOS.

Social Media Integration

Now in the digital age, social media not only serves as a platform to connect with your friends. You can also play Ludo games with your social media friends. Our social media integration services with the Ludo game will let you invite your social media to experience the joy of the Ludo game.

Ludo Games With AR/VR

With the integration of AR/VR with the Ludo game application, players can experience the thrill of Ludo in a real-world setting with friends and family. Immersive realistic gaming experiences are what we aim to deliver to our global clientele that will attract people from all age groups.

2D & 3D Ludo Game

Whether you want to develop a 2D Ludo game application or a 3D Ludo game application, Demerio is the answer to all your Ludo game requirements. Our expert team of Ludo game designers and developers will provide users with a pleasing gaming experience for gamers.

Different Modes Our Ludo Game Features

Our Ludo game features four different kinds of modes as mentioned below

Computer Mode

This mode lets the players explore the thrill of the Ludo game when no other participant is available to play the game with them. The game lets players compete with a stronger AI opponent in offline mode.

Local Mode

The players can enjoy the game with other players on a single device. This mode also works offline.

Online Multiplayer Mode

You can connect with other Ludo players around the world to explore the thrill of the game with each other. This allows you to play anywhere and from any location with anyone.

Private Multiplayer Mode

Players can create a private lobby to allow only selected players to participate in the game to play with you.

Multiplayer Game Mode

We feature the multiplayer game mode to allow gamers to play the game with real-world players.

Support, Maintenance, and Game Optimization

At Demerio, we never leave our clients to chance. We let them seek the assistance of our support team whenever they require it.

AWE-Inspiring Features of Our Ludo Game

We have built the Ludo game with a range of awe-inspiring features as mentioned below.

  • Login/Register
  • Play with real players (2/4)
  • Easy to play
  • User-friendly interface
  • Computer play
  • Refer a friend
  • Chat with players
  • Create a private table
  • Daily bonus
  • Online/offline mode
  • In-app purchases
  • Play from anywhere, anytime

Hire Ludo Game App Developers

Our highly experienced team of Ludo game developers exactly knows what it takes to develop a Ludo game that becomes a reality on millions of devices. Be it an Android Ludo game or iOS game development project, our Ludo game development team works with sheer focus on bringing user-friendly and interactive gameplay into existence.

Our Ludo game developers apart from delivering high-quality work strictly adhere to the deadlines to meet the specific timeline of our clients.

Let’s Come Together and Build a Million-Worthy Ludo Game

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Learn How We Determine the Ludo Game Development Cost?

Being the most cost-effective Ludo game development company, Demerio takes the following factors into consideration to develop the Ludo game application.

  • Ludo game development platform
  • Ludo game app design
  • Ludo game app features & functionality
  • Game app testing
  • Post maintenance & support
Find Out How Much Ludo Game Development Will Cost You? Share your game requirements with us and our business executive will provide you with the estimated Ludo game app development cost.

Why Choose Demerio as Your Ludo Game Development Partner?

Having earned the reputation of being the leading Ludo game development company in the USA, Australia, the UK, India, and many other parts of the world, Demerio leaves no stone unturned in bringing the highest quality gaming solutions to our clientele.

Here are a few of the key factors why clients love working with us.

  • Customizable Whitelabel Ludo game development solutions
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Extended customer support
  • Cross-platform Ludo game development services


Ludo game development timeframe and cost are subject to a lot of factors including the developer’s expertise, game complexities, game development platform, and so on. By taking these factors into consideration, the game development will take the average time and cost as follows.
Game Development Platform Development Time Development Cost
Ludo game app development for Android 6-13 weeks or more $7,000 to $15,000
Ludo game app development for iOS 15-27 weeks or more $5,000 to $12,000
Ludo game software development for Windows 9-15 weeks or more $10,000 to $24,000
Yes, you can make money from your Ludo game application. In-app purchases and advertising are a few of the effective ways to generate revenue from your game.
Yes, we do. We offer 24*7 post-maintenance support to our clientele. Have a discussion with your project manager to know more about post-maintenance support services.
We follow the agile development methodology to bring your Ludo game application project to life. Our process begins with the careful analysis of our clients and after that comes up with meaningful solutions.
Demerio is one of the best Ludo game software development companies employed by a veteran team of software developers who specialize in Ludo game app development.

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