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HTML5 is a fusion of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is the most recent incarnation of Hypertext Markup Language. We have extensive experience in HTML5 app development, which allows us to create secure and long-lasting solutions. We at Demerio provide our clients with HTML5 and jQuery & CSS solutions that are efficient and proactive.

Demerio is an HTML5 website development company employing highly skilled professionals. We develop HTML5 solutions that are tailored to your business requirements using our understanding of your intricate requirements. Looking forward to working with us is all you need to do.

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Impressive and Innovative HTML5 Development Services

The Demerio team provides next-generation responsive websites and applications development services that take advantage of HTML5 to the fullest. Businesses must be able to create applications or websites that work with all browsers, platforms, devices, and operating systems. HTML 5 is today's most advanced, feature-rich, and cross-platform programming language that allows developers to create Web and mobile applications.

Here is an impressive and innovative range of HTML5 website design and development services we offer to clients.

HTML5 Responsive Website Design

The use of HTML5 responsiveness is an increasingly popular design today due to its speedy loading time and ability to adjust to any screen size. With our capabilities, we go a long way to create pixel-perfect HTML5 responsive website design services.

PSD to HTML5 Conversion

At our company, we provide PSD to HTML5 conversion services that guarantee code conforms to HTML and CSS standards and is error-free.

Custom HTML5 Development

In our capacity as an outstanding custom HTML5 development company, we go the extra mile to design and develop web pages that load as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

HTML5 Design Services

W3C validation and the latest W3C standards are part of HTML5 design services provided by our HTML experts.

HTML5 Web App Development

By providing HTML5 web app development services we ensure a user-centric application that offers an exceptional experience.

HTML5 Consulting Services

As part of our HTML5 consultation service, we help business owners understand how HTML5 can be used in their current business model.

HTML5 Migration Services

With our expertise in HTML5 development, we can even migrate your existing website to HTML5 to ensure a faster loading time and well-organized functionality.

HTML5 Maintenance and Support Services

Our partnership never ends with the deployment of the HTML5, website, web app, or mobile app, it goes beyond that to offer the clients HTML5 maintenance and support services.

What are the Appealing Traits of HTML5 Development Services?

HTML 5 is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language, which is a revised version of HTML introduced in 1990. The purpose of HTML is to structure and present content consistently on the Web, no matter which browser is used. The standard was developed in response to today's technology's demand for rich media, mobile internet access, and cross-device compatibility.

Cleaner Markup

The replacement of div tags with semantic HTML5 elements allows web designers to use neater code paradigms.

Stylish Markup

There are a number of cool features included in this web application, such as forms and text inputs, as well as a search box.

Rich Experience

Thanks to HTML5, users will receive an enhanced level of experience because it bridges the gap between browsers and desktops.

Rich Media Support

A plug-in is no longer required for watching videos, thus enabling users to view audio and video without having to download anything.

Offline App Cache

With HTML5 applications, the previously visited page can be loaded even when the user is temporarily disconnected from their computer.


Mobile app development using HTML5 is seamless and compatible with a wide range of devices and screens.


By using HTML5, web page designers and developers have structured the page more consistently.

Geolocation Support

The Geolocation API can be accessed by any HTML5-compatible browser-based application.

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Why Choose Demerio is Your Ideal HTML5 Development Company?

The most reliable and future-proof solutions are currently being developed using cutting-edge HTML5 technologies and tools that meet industry best practices and are compliant with the latest W3C standards.

Here are a few of the reasons that might inspire you to choose us as your HTML5 development company:

  • Responsive Development
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Accessibility is Enhanced
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